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Desalination project UAE - ADNOC Refining

Desalination project UAE - ADNOC Refining has awarded a $473 million contract in 2018 to Samsung Engineering to deliver a new power & water generation plant for the Abu Dhabi oil giant.

The Waste Heat Recovery Project (WHRP) will be constructed at the Ruwais Industrial Complex, 240km west of Abu Dhabi city UAE.

Krone has produced the main filters as crucial part of this important ADNOC project an undersigns Krone Position in desalination projects in the region following the filter delivery to Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura desalination project delivered in 2019.

Successful final inspection was held on 5th May 2020 for 4 units seawater backflush filters ANSI 28” class 300 for ADNOC Ruwais refinery WHR Project with a capacity over 5000 m3/h each filter unit at 1 mm filter mesh are produced with special internal rubberlining for corrosion protection with additional super duplex and titanium internals.

ADNOC Refining Waste Heat Recovery Project has a Capacity to desalinate seawater and produces drinking water in a permanent high capacity. The Krone completely redundant filter system will protect the desalination process and filter the raw seawater INTAKE.

This Waste Heat Recovery Project (WHR) follows the EPC contract signed with SECL in July 2018 for the Crude Flexibility Project (CFP). The final destination of the plant is UAE for the Ruwais Refinery owned by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

The scope of supply includes engineering, fabrication and delivery of two Multiple Effect Distillation with vapour thercompression units with a capacity of 31 250 m3/d each.

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Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuel Project

Krone has delivered 12 filters for Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery Clean Fuel Project – desalination plant – with MED desalination technology.

Krone has been awarded to produce 12 self cleaning filter for contract signed by Tecnicas Reunidas Madrid with SAUDI ARAMCO. Krone has supplied to the contractor filters for a desalination plant for filtration of RAW seawater.

The scope of supply included the engineering, fabrication and delivery of 12 filters for the three Multiple Effect Distillation with thermal vapour compression units TVC. The desalination technology used is Multiple Effect Distillation (MED-TVC).

A Multi Effect Desalination MED unit is an evaporator where sea water is evaporated in one or more ( up to 14 ) evaporation stages at low temperature (< 70°C ) in order to produce clean distillate water.

MED process is designed to produce distilled water with steam or waste heat from power production or chemical processes, and/or to produce potable water. Krone filter KAF reliable self cleaning filter system supports the functionality of the plant in this crucial job.

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Large duplex filters KDF-V, KDF-VB

Large duplex filters KDF-V, KDF-VB are one of our competitive product lines, the photo shows a ANSI 20” duplex filter for a Project in Mexico, client CFE und Acciona

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Instead of Christmas Gifts: Krone donates to SeaShepherd

Krone donates to SeaShepherd please join us – stop killing Cetaceans in EUand worldwide

Demanding Legal Accountability for the Slaughter of Cetaceans in the Faroe Islands

In cooperation with Sea Shepherd Global and Sea Shepherd Netherlands, Sea Shepherd Legal is tirelessly working to stop Denmark’s ongoing facilitation of the Faroese "grindadráps."

During the grindadráps, the Faroese drive hundreds of pilot whales and other cetaceans into killing bays, drag them closer to shore with crude hooks, and then slice open their spinal cords, staining the waters a sickening crimson. Although EU law does not directly apply to the Faroe Islands, it most certainly applies to Denmark – and Denmark has blood on its hands. The evidence conclusively proves that Danish officials, including police, navy, and customs officers, have been facilitating and supporting the slaughter of cetaceans in the Faroe Islands. By actively assisting the Faroe Islands in this slaughter, Denmark violates its duties under the EU Habitats Directive. The Habitats Directive prohibits member states (including Denmark) from all forms of deliberate disturbance, capture, or killing of cetaceans.


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Linde-Engineering / SWF Oxygen plant

Start up of SWF oxygen plant designed by Linde Engineering & using Krone Filter Solutions 3 units KAF Bernoulli 12” CIRL @ 200 micron filtration for continues & automated filter operation delivering cooling water for one of world most modern oxygen separation plants

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Stock capacity increased again

Increased worldwide large project deliveries for Krone filters - Krone large stock for deliveries of KSF strainer / basket filter DN 15 - 600 and KDF-K duplex strainer / basket filter DN 15 - 600 allows "just in time" deliveries for projects. The product range is Lloyds Register LR type approved TA & tested , CE conformity evaluated - allowing the use in many industrial applications from water to hydrocarbons.

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10 year anniversary of SWRO KAUST delivery for the Enduser Aramco / King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

10 year anniversary in 2017 since the delivery of 3 Krone Bernoulli units 24” KAF. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, required a desalination RO based technology plant for the university buildings and its accommodation. The plant was designed with a capacity of 40,000m3/day with the facility to increase to 50,000m3/day in the future, as and when required.

The huge advantage of Krone KAF self cleaning auto Bernoulli filters was that they can work without pumps in front – just with the water column pressure of the red sea level! Only 0.2 bar is sufficient to run the KAF filters in fully automatic mode.

Operationally, water is abstracted by pipeline form the Red Sea and filtered by 3 KAF 24” Krone Filter Solutions Bernoulli filter units and then pumped through 4 Superflux filters, prior to being processed through cartridge filters and the four Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) units. Energy recovery is achieved using Pelton turbines thus reducing the energy consumption of the Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant. The treated water from the first stage is used as potable water for the university and irrigation water on the site. A further second pass Brackish Reverse Osmosis (BRO) system is included to produce water for the central utility cooling system.

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Self cleaning filter automatic filter KAF

Self cleaning filter automatic filter KAF with low maintenance & low cost spares Burrup desalinization filters Krone KAF 12” / DN 300 Bernoulli® Filters run for 10 years without spares – internals in Titanium make it possible.

The desalinisation units are based on the Multiple Effect Distillation technology (MED). They are composed of two evaporation cells under the thermcompressor.

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KAF Bernoulli® auto strainer DN800 – 32“ for 4500 m3/h

Krone delivers 2 x self cleaning KAF 32" / DN 800 self cleaning seawter KAF Bernoulli filters for a 1,200 MW supercritical coal-fired power plant in Malaysia.

The units are manufactured acc. ASME VIII Div. 1 and U-Stamped as well as DOSH certified and equipped with special redundant LCP´s and capillary DPT measurement, titanium inserts super duplex internals.

The filter will protect PHE´s - Plate Heat Exchanger.

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Filter assembly

Filter assembly and FAT for a PN 25 DN 400 self cleaning filter KAF Bernoulli (r) for brine with a temperature up to 180 degrees Centigrade. Filter MOC 904L . PED Modul G certified.

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LR Lloyd's Register

Krone key products are Lloyds Register LR Type approved (Ta) and have design appraisal

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Small footprint Bernoulli filter version for Suez Kanal

2 KAF-S spindle motor actuated 20" Krone Bernoulli Filters for 2500-3000 m3/h 500 micron filter degree superduplex weged wire mesh URANUS B52N+/ vessel design built acc. ASME VIII Div. 1 - U-stamped / delivered to a power plant on the Nile river. The units are controlled by redundant Rockwell CPU´s and modern diaphragm dp measurement systems surveills the differential pressure.

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ATEX / Area classification - EX Zone 1

Krone manufactures 12 x KAF Bernoulli self cleaning backflush filter JIS 300 (DN300) in cast iron EN-GJS-500-70 / with LR approval for a asian LNG Terminal with a filter capacity of 750-900 m3/h seawater with 1 mm filter mesh.

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CCPP power plant - start up of 2 x DN 800 KAF Krone Bernoulli filters units

CCPP power plant - start up of 2 x DN 800 KAF Krone Bernoulli filters units CS-rubberlined for the filtration with 500 micron of 5500 m3/h seawater in a power plant based on the Balkan peninsula. Krone delivered in total 22 filter units from cooling water to condensate lines for this modern power plant on the Balkans.

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Desalinisation plant in North Obhor

Krone Filter Solutions supplies 6 units KWF inline basket filters and self cleaning backflush KAF filters from size 14“ to size 20“ for a desalinisation plant in North Obhor / 45 km from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the units are filtering sea water with filters mesh from 1 mm to 2 mm and are designed and stamped acc. ASME VIII Div 1 and U-stamped. The filters are fully autoclave rubberlined with 4 mm hard and soft rubber and have wetted mettal parts in titanium (titanium perforated plate) and super duplex SS. Filtering capacities from 900 m3/h to 2700 m3/h seawater. The self cleaning filters are working according the Bernoulli principle and are designed for a minimum 30 year lifetime.

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Exploration vessel SONNE

New german deep sea research and exploration vessel „SONNE“ (sun) christening by chancellor Merkel / special KDF-V filters from Krone Filter Solutions on board.

Krone delivers KDF-V duplex filters made with a switch device in bronze CuSn10 / Rg10 2 x 8” and 2 x 5” and filter vessels 4 mm rubberlined cast iron EN-GJS-500-7 for the most modern deep sea exploration vessel. The inserts are made of titanium perforated plates.

Press Release of Meyer Werft

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Filter for UV-Reactor protections

Krone KAF Filter 2 x DN 500 CS-rubberlined with flowrates of 3300m3/h and 4 x DN 600 CS-rubberlined with flowrates of 4400m3/h both @ 300 micron mesh will protect UV-sterilisation reactors and guarantee their better performance.

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KAF DN800 - 32

Krone delivers 2 x self cleaning KAF 32" / DN 800 self cleaning seawter KAF Bernoulli filters for a 1,000 MW supercritical coal-fired power plant in Malaysia. The units are manufactured acc. ASME VIII Div. 1 and U-Stamped as well as DOSH certified and equipped with special redundant LCP´s and capillary DPT measurement, titanium inserts super duplex internals. The filter will protect PHE´s - Plate Heat Exchanger.

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Filter for Shoaiba II in 1200 MW combined cycle / CCPP in Saudi Arabia

Seawater self-cleaning backflush filters: Krone delivers 4 units KAF self cleaning Bernoulli filters 18“ IN/OUT for a capacity of 2500 m3/h seawater @ 1 mm titanium filter mesh. The filters are protecting plate heat exchangers from clogging. Shoaiba II is a combined cycle power plant with capacity of 1200 MW, the Shoaiba II Power Plant is a project ordered by Saudi Electricity Company to address the power shortage problem in the western area of Saudi Arabia.

Video: Technical information CCPP

Video: Technical information filter

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