FSRU Filtering of 16.000 m3/h seawater

Krone delivers Filter KAF-S Bernoulli ® units for REGAS FSRU vessel for Cyprus

Since more than 15 years we - Krone Filter Solutions - deliver Filters for Global LNG market – for one of the newest FSRU vessels constructed worldwide Krone delivers 4 Self cleaning Filters 28”/700 with capacity of approx.. 4000 m3/h each – Filters are for two of the vital components that have to be installed on the converted Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) carrier GALEA, ETYFA PROMETHEAS, this is the Regassification (Regas) Module and the new Power Module.

The Regas Module is responsible for converting the Liquid Natural Gas to a Gaseous Natural Gas state (Natgas) and deliver this gas to the Vassilikos Power Station in order to power the combined cycle turbines which generate electricity for The Republic of Cyprus. The Regas module is being installed on the bow of the ship while the filters are under deck specially adapted KAF-S design to fit in the existing space.

KAF-S is a specially developed Bernoulli self-cleaning fully automatic filter with a shorter footprint and an absolute heavy duty resistance using super duplex and titanium MOC.

Photo by ShipSpotting.com / © Diego Moreno

14. September 2022

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