Desalinisation plant in North Obhor

Krone Filter Solutions supplies 6 units KWF inline basket filters and self cleaning backflush KAF filters from size 14“ to size 20“ for a desalinisation plant in North Obhor / 45 km from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the units are filtering sea water with filters mesh from 1 mm to 2 mm and are designed and stamped acc. ASME VIII Div 1 and U-stamped. The filters are fully autoclave rubberlined with 4 mm hard and soft rubber and have wetted mettal parts in titanium (titanium perforated plate) and super duplex SS. Filtering capacities from 900 m3/h to 2700 m3/h seawater. The self cleaning filters are working according the Bernoulli principle and are designed for a minimum 30 year lifetime.

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