Strainer Basket Filter

  • Krone worldwide standard basket filter DN 15-600 / 1“ to 24“
  • Kit system combines Flange sizes with Body sizes (GR´s)

Description KSF Strainer Basket Filter

The KSF filter can be used universally for liquid media. It is made of GGG-50 (modular cast iron) in accordance with EN-GJS-500-7 or Rg10 (special model). It provides a high performance, is light and compact and is also easy and quick to clean.

The flexible combination of body size, filter area and connecting flange allow the adjustment to the piping system and its specific requirements.

Eleven body sizes (GR) can be combined with various connecting flanges. This enables an adjustment to the operating requirements and quantity of impurities and also the variable choice of filter area and service life, accordingly.

Product data sheets KSF Strainer Basket Filter

KSF - Datasheet
KSF - 3D-CAD files
KSF - RFQ description

Application examples KSF Strainer Basket Filter

KSF DN 400
KSF DN 600

more Information KSF Strainer Basket Filter

CertificatesLloyd's Register Type Approval certificate
Lloyd's Register Design Appraisal Document

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