Bag filter KBF-M

Multi-bag Filter

  • Multibag filter with quick opening

Description Bag filter KBF-M Multi-bag Filter

The KBF filter is used for the filtration of liquid media in industrial applications. Alternatively, the filter can be fitted with bags or a strainer insert. The filters are not approved for gases.

KBF series bag filters are available in 1.4301 (SS304) and 1.4401 / 1.4408 (SS316) stainless versions. The filter consists of a filter vessel, foot frame, strainer support, down-holding device and, optionally, the filter bag.

The medium enters the filter vessel through the side inlet and flows through a filter bag that is reinforced by a strainer support, from the inside to the outside. In addition to the recess and the down-holding device, the strainer support ensures that the filter bag is properly seated.

Product data sheets Bag filter KBF-M Multi-bag Filter

KBF-M - Datasheet
KBF (Bag filter) - Datasheet

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