Duplex filter

  • Duplex filter DN50-1000 / 2“-40“ with maintenance-friendly butterfly valve switching
  • Made of ductile cast iron GGG-50/ EN GJS-500-07 (optional with rubber lining inside), Bronze, Steel, Stainless steel, GRP and more
  • Many sizes available from stock
  • Available with Quick-release clamp
  • Tailor made customized solutions

Description KDF-VB Duplex filter

The KDF-VB duplex filter can be installed in pressure and in suction line and is versatile for coarse and fine filtration. It is characterized by continuous operation during the cleaning phase. The duplex filter comprises two identical single filters connected via a valve-switching device with butterfly valves, which can be switched to only one filter body or can be operated in parallel.

Each single filter consists of a cast or welded body, cover and filter insert. The filter insert is a basket strainer or ring type strainer made of perforated plate covered with a stainless steel mesh. The medium to be filtered enters the filter basket from the top and flows through the insert inside out. Dirt thus remains in the filter element.

Product data sheets KDF-VB Duplex filter

KDF-VB - Datasheet

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