Single Filter

  • Single filter DN15-1000 / ½”-40” up to PN100 and higher
  • Made of Steel, Stainless Steel, GRP and more
  • Tailor made customized solutions (e.g. special closures or heating jacket)

Description KWF

The KWF-type single filter can be used in many applications for liquid, gaseous or pasty media. It provides a high performance, is light and compact and is also easy and quick to clean.

For special models, inlet and outlet flange can be positioned in any position (vertically offset in the standard model). The filter of the standard model consists of a welded body with a cover fastened by nuts and bolts.

Alternatively, the filter can be fitted with a basket or ring strainer insert. The filter can be supplied with all material test certificates 3.1 required or with certifications and approvals in accordance with CE/PED, ASME, GOST and RTN.

Product data sheets KWF

KWF - Datasheet

Application examples KWF

KWF 100 - 1 inch
KWF 100 - 4 Inch Stahl-CS
KWF 250 - 10 Inch
KWF Cartridge 150 - 8 Inch

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