KWF Inline

Single Filter

  • Inline Single filter with IN/OUT at same level DN15-1000 / ½”-40” up to PN100 and higher
  • Made of Steel, Stainless Steel, GRP and more
  • Tailor made customized solutions (e.g. special closures or heating jacket)

Description KWF Inline

The KWF inline single filter can be used universally for liquid, gaseous or pasty media. It provides a high performance.

The filter of the standard model consists of a welded steel body with a cover fastened by nuts and bolts.

Alternatively, the filter can be fitted with a basket or ring strainer insert.

Product data sheets KWF Inline

KWF Inline - Datasheet

Application examples KWF Inline

KWF Inline 16 Inch CS

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