Backflush Filter

  • From 1.8 – 25 bar
  • Fine filtration from 10 micron to 3 mm
  • electric or hydraulic actuator

Description KRF Backflush Filter

The KRF backflush filter is self-cleaning, maintenance-free filter for fluids that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The differential pressure at the strainer is monitored by the electronic control using differential pressure switches. The cleaning process starts when the pre-set differential pressure of 0.2 to 2 bar (as per design) is reached.

Depending on operating conditions, cleaning can also be started by timer control or manually by pressing on a button.

Product data sheets KRF Backflush Filter

KRF - Datasheet

more Information KRF Backflush Filter

Product filmsWorking principle, filter degree 10 micron – 3 mm
CertificatesLloyd's Register Type Approval certificate
Lloyd's Register Design Appraisal Document

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