Bernoulli filter ®
Self-Cleaning Automatic Filter

KAF = pneumatic actuated

Bernoulli filter ® is a registred worldwide trade mark of Krone Filter Solutions GmbH

  • large flowrate range / low pressure drop
  • from 0.1 up to 25 bar / from fine 100 micron up to 50 mm filter mesh
  • low maintenance
  • pneumatic actuator

Description KAF Bernoulli filter ® | Self-Cleaning filter

The self-cleaning automatic filter KAF (Bernoulli Filter) is suitable for a variety of uses. It is self-cleaning and maintenance-free filter and is used to remove contamination particles from highly polluted cooling and process water as well as other fluids, e.g., from natural water sources (sea water, river water) and heating and cooling systems and processes. The filter operates pressures from 0.3 bar (in special cases also 0.0 bar) and is characterized by a low pressure loss, high flow rates, simple and durable design, high performance, low weight and space saving design are the benefits of the system.

Bernoulli® is a registered trademark of Krone Filter Solutions GmbH.

Krone Filter is the only filter manufacturer worldwide that has certified its GRP production in accordance with ASME X. ASME-RP Stamp pressure vessels certified in accordance with ASME VIII Div. 1 ASME U-Stamp are available upon request.

Bernoulli Filter

Product data sheets KAF Bernoulli filter ® | Self-Cleaning filter

KAF - Datasheet
KAF - Datasheet Excel file
KAF Bernoulli Brochure
KAF Transparent Brochure
KAF - 3D-CAD files
KAF - RFQ description (german only)
KAF - recommended spare part sets

Application examples KAF Bernoulli filter ® | Self-Cleaning filter

KAF - Application examples

more Information KAF Bernoulli filter ® | Self-Cleaning filter

Filter dimensioning chartFilter dimensioning chart
editorial / pressCpp03-2006 KAF Filter
Offshore LNG Nov 2008
CPP Mai 2009
VTK FB Krone Filter Wärmeübertrager reinigen
Preventive Measures for Mitigation of Fouling for Compact Heat Exchangers
Product filmsKAF Bernoulli® filter movie 2018 edition
Bernoulli filter - video and work principle
KAF Bernoulli filter - Main Components
KAF Bernoulli filter – Filtration
KAF Bernoulli filter – Process Phases
KAF Bernoulli filter – Pre Flushing
KAF Bernoulli filter – Cleaning
KAF Bernoulli filter – Backflushing
KAF Bernoulli filter – Animation 2018
KAF - Animation
KAF - Animation 2
10 year anniversary of SWRO KAUST delivery for the Enduser Aramco
CertificatesLloyd's Register Type Approval certificate
Lloyd's Register Design Appraisal Document

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