Guide words - Values

What do we stand for? Our values determine our actions!

Quality awareness

Our quality awareness applies to product and employees. Our standard of quality is set by the customer, whose opinion is always decisive. We are satisfied with our quality only when our customers are.

In order to achieve this, all our staff are technically competent and optimally trained and thus contribute to the company having a customer-orientated presence.

As part of the continuous process of improvement, administrative processes, decisions, services and product designs are under permanent review.

In this way, optimisation potential is recognised and promptly implemented. Our aim is always to find the optimal solution - with well-founded knowledge, experience and a feel for people and processes, we achieve this goal.

Guide words - Values


Our aim is always to bring together the highest expertise in our domain and thus to guarantee it for our customers. We foster creative, flexible and hard-working employees and create the suitable environment for innovations in all areas as well as the implementation thereof through constant training.

We stand out thanks to:

  • certified filter quality
  • a wide product range
  • high delivery capacity
  • fast reaction times and delivery reliability and
  • expertise in consulting, engineering and production

We achieve operational excellence through processes that are orientated towards value creation and that are constantly improved and we fight bureaucracy wherever we consider it to be inhibitive.

We are thus quick in the implementation of new ideas on marketable products, in processing customer enquiries and in internal cooperation. Moreover, continuous improvements and changes strengthen our expertise.

Environmental awareness

But environmental awareness is also important! We act responsibly towards society and the environment. Our quality is based on well-founded training, many years of practical application and experience as well as networks and cooperation.

QUALITY is a MUST for us. We are conscious of our responsibility - for the quality of our work, the success and the name of our customers, our environment and for the people we work with.

Creativity and innovation

Willingness to take on responsibility and to take risks promotes entrepreneurial thinking. It also offers us new perspectives and the chance to generate creative solutions even for unusual requirements and problems. We thus want to be the preferred partner for our customers, through creative and innovative solutions and maximum quality.

Our innovation management stands for systematic intensification and promotion of idea generation and project work. We are an important development partner of our customers. We develop customer-orientated solutions, make active use of synergies and let our expertise influence all phases of a project.

We are internationally aligned. In the implementation of our growth strategy we are open to partnerships and alliances. Optimal results can be achieved only in a partnership-based collaboration characterised by team spirit and trust. We invest actively in the improvement of our abilities, knowledge and process techniques and always develop solutions that correspond to the current state of scientific knowledge and that meet the needs of our customers in the best manner.