Sleeve Basket Filter

  • Threaded / Sleeve filter ½“-3“
  • Made of ductile cast iron GGG-50/ EN GJS-500-07 or Bronze
  • Flexible combination of filter surfaces and flange connection due to modular system
  • Many sizes available from stock
  • Available with Quick-release clamp

Description KMF Sleeve Basket Filter

The KMF filter is a strainer basket filter for many applications. It can also be used together with an adapter as a cartridge filter (with threaded inlet/outlet flange). The filter insert is made of a perforated stainless steel panel covered with a mesh made of different materials and mesh sizes.

The medium to be filtered enters the filter from above, generally flowing through the insert from the inside outward. Impurities are caught in the strainer insert, accordingly. When cartridges are used, the impurities remains on the cartridge.

Product data sheets KMF Sleeve Basket Filter

KMF - Datasheet

more Information KMF Sleeve Basket Filter

CertificatesLloyd's Register Type Approval certificate
Lloyd's Register Design Appraisal Document

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